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AIS Monitoring
AIS MonitoringAIS MonitoringAIS Monitoring

AIS Monitoring

Sealite’s class leading, low powered AIS (Automatic Identification System) Solutions are available in Type 1 or Type 3 and operate on the International VHF Maritime Mobile Band, enabling Port Authorities and other users to remotely monitor the real-time status of their AtoN installations.

Developed using SRT MARINE TECHNOLOGY’S third generation technology, Sealite’s AIS solutions are available integrated within a range of Sealite marine lanterns or as a stand-alone Aid to Navigation unit (SL-AIS-C).

Tested and internationally approved to the highest specifications, Sealite’s AIS solutions are suitable worldwide.

Integrated AIS Solutions
Sealite’s AIS solutions can be configured to a range of Sealite products, including solar marine lanterns and marine buoys.

The SL-155 medium range lanterns may be fitted with class-leading integrated, low-powered Type 1 or Type 3 AIS. VHF and GPS antennas to support AIS are fitted directly to the lantern.

Stand Alone AIS Solution (SL-AIS-C)
Advanced core technology within Sealite’s SL-AIS-C AtoN ensures both Type 1 and Type 3 variants offer the lowest power consumption on the market. The toughened, triple protected shell incorporates an internal GPS antenna and optional sensor interface module.

  • Type 1 & Type 3 models available
  • Complete AIS solutions displaying accurate positioning & operational information about the AtoN in real time
  • Class leading power consumption sets a new global standard
  • Supports real, synthetic & virtual AIS AtoNs
  • Supports Messages 21, 6, 7, 8, 12, 13, 14 & 35 (dependant of hardware & software configuration)
  • Operates on the International VHF Maritime Mobile Band
  • Fully compliant with IALA, IEC & ITU standards
  • Enhances operational awareness
  • Enhanced sensor module allows environmental data monitoring
  • Reduces maintenance & call-out costs
  • Type 1 AIS – A Type 1 AIS AtoN utilises FATDMA (Fixed Access Time Division Multiple Access) scheme and only transmits in reserved time slots as assigned by the local AIS base station. The AtoNs operational status and positioning is sent via Message 21 and provided to mariners in the broadcasting region. Message 6 monitors the solar and battery voltage, flash code setting and light status and is sent to the designated base station.
  • Type 3 AIS – A Type 3 AIS AtoN has the additional capability to transmit and receive messages and utilises the RATDMA (Random Access Time Division Multiple Access) scheme. This allows the AtoN to autonomously allocate slots for its own transmission by listening to AIS frequencies and determining which slots are available for use. Type 3 AIS can be installed at any location with or without a base station and is able to ‘chain’ several units together to extend transmission range. Plus, with Type 3 AIS you can remotely control the function of the lantern, including flash character, ON/OFF activation and intensity settings.
  • Improved maritime domain awareness
  • Accurate real-time monitoring of buoy positions in all weather conditions
  • Dynamic marking of shipping lanes
  • Instant marking of new hazards with virtual AtoN projected feature
  • Automatic alerts in the event of buoy or lantern malfunction

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