U.S. Coast Guard Installs Regulatory Buoys

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U.S. Coast Guard Installs Regulatory Buoys

U.S. Coast Guard Installs Regulatory Buoys

By:Sealite | May 24, 2016
Application: Marine Exclusion Zone
Products: SL-B700-RB
Location: Elgin Air Force Base, Florida, USA
Site: Elgin Air Force Base
U.S. Coast Guard Install Sealite Regulatory Marine Buoys at Eglin Air Force Base to Mark Marine Exclusion Zone, Florida USA

May 2014 – Sealite USA have supplied navigation buoys to the United States Air Force Eglin Base located in north-west Florida, USA.

Recently installed by the U.S. Coast Guard, the SL-B700RB regulatory buoys were supplied complete with chain, anchor, and mold-in graphics “Keep Out”.

The Eglin Air Force Base covers over 700 square miles of land positioned against the Gulf of Mexico. The buoys will mark an exclusion zone along this coast, warning local mariners to keep away from the area.

The SL-B700RB regulatory style buoy meets USA Federal, State and local regulations for regulatory buoys, and is ideal for a range of installations including regulatory signage.


  • Sealite’s ability to customise products to suit individual customer requirements
  • Mooring & lifting eye for additional strength & flexibility in installation
  • Excellent buoyancy & stability
  • Safe and clear marking of the waterway
  • Mold-in graphics to suit customer requirements